The Rogue Folk Club presents

Paul Pigat's Boxcar Campfire

CD Release Concert!








3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

$24 ($20 RFC & PBHS members)

(NO service charges)

Parcel O'Rogues holders RESERVE ONLINE

Just when you think his music is all lit up like a leaky propane tank in a fireworks factory, Paul Pigat can bring it down to 3am embers with trouble in mind as he steps out and opens up his trunk full of Boxcar Campfire songs to romance you with. Originally created as a way of “bringing it down a bit”, Boxcar Campfire has taken on a life of its own as this recording and touring project allows a more reflective and insular shade of Pigat’s creativity to come into play. Those with sharp ears will hear snatches of everything from Debussy to Jimmy Rogers blues inflections thrown into the mix, but — as always — the sounds Pigat creates are all his own. With long gone days of railroad steam trailing out back of his head as he sings of possums in the pot and holes in his heart, this music gets you in the mood to hit the open road.

The Game is Pigat’s second installment of what will be the Boxcar Campfire trilogy. Full of imagery of the open road and a rapscallions slant on the human condition, Pigat takes the listener on an acoustic journey with a distinctly bluesy tinge filled with humor and insight The Boxcar campfire trilogy was born in 2009 with the self titled first installment 'Paul Pigat’s Boxcar Campfire' It gained critical acclaim and was a unexpected departure from Pigat’s more well known alter ego, Cousin Harley. 'The Game' is a direct continuation of that first recording but with a distinctly more satirical flavor. Reminiscent of the great works of Hoyt Axton and Randy Newman, Pigat’s latest offering is stripped down, sometimes introspective, sometimes humorous and always entertaining!!

From solos raw enough to melt the door off an old Cadillac to delicate etudes written for the crows to fly home to, Paul Pigat is a guitarist who can truly play it all. Is he a genteel sideman, unrepentant redneck, sensitive singer/songwriter, classical composer or a Mulligatawny blend of all the above? As unpredictable as your bipolar uncle one minute and as gentle as breaking dawn the next, you’re never quite sure which Paul Pigat you’re going to meet when you put on one of his CDs. But, listen long enough and you’ll realize it really doesn’t matter what he plays. Music this good transcends boundaries and resists any attempts at categorization. And, even if you reached the point where you thought you’d figured Paul Pigat out, by that time he’d have gone and changed on you again. So, perhaps it would be better if we all stopped thinking, buckled up, and held on to enjoy Mr. Pigat’s wild ride for all its worth.

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