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Tuesday October 30, 2012

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Hi folks

Why sit at home and lament the lack of hockey on the tele, and just watch highlights of the floods back east? You can't do anything about those things, and the weather isn't exactly rosy out here, either.

We have a sure-fire way to cure those early Winter blues: a concert!

BettySoo and Doug Cox: Across The Borderline, Tuesday October 30th, 8pm, St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue)

Korean-American singer BettySoo packs a powerful voice into her diminutive frame. With Canadian dobro master Doug Cox she has the perfect accompanist. Together they have now released two CDs, last year's Lie To Me, and the new one, More Lies. Don't be deceived by the titles: this is the REAL thing! A sumptuous blend of Blues, originals, Woody Guthrie songs, and the occasional Beatles instrumental or two. If you haven't seen them before, we urge you to come on down to The Rogue tonight to marvel at the sheer power and emotional range of BettySoo's voice. If you have seen them before, you know what I'm talking about. This will also be the first opportunity to buy (or win) the new CD in Vancouver. Besides, you can chat with Doug Cox, the executive producer of Island Musicfest in Courtenay, which is widely regarded as BC's Number One summer festival. He might have a few sneak peeks into next year's line-up for example... More info:,,

Don't forget we have Ireland's Top Celtic Band this Friday, too:

Lunasa, Friday, November 2nd, 8pm, St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue)

I'll have more to say about this show in a later blog. Suffice to say they are the bees knees; incredible players, great entertainers too.

We still have Blackie & The Rodeo Kings tickets for November 27th at The Vogue. Best seats in the house. Limited supply. Get them at one of our concerts. (Tonight, for example ...)

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