Community of Songs

This is a metro Vancouver wide songwriting program that was conceived by The Rogue Folk Club, funded by Metro Vancouver, and led by local singer-songwriter Michael Averill. Michael has been leading songwriting workshops for the past few months with various community groups as young as 10 years old, up to folks in their 70s. These 8 groups each wrote a song on the theme of community. The completed songs were performed at the St. James Hall on Friday, April 5th. A wonderful group of community focused songwriters and musicians also shared their powerful stories and songs about the topic. You can view Michael's video documentary on YouTube here. You can also listen to an mp3 interview about this project with Michael on CiTR's 'Saturday Edge on Folk' here.

Steve's Blog

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Our Summer Series

The warm weather and sunshine is here at last (well most of the time anyway) and it's traditionally when we shut things down for the summer. This year however we are presenting some great shows - three in each of July  and August. From Quebec to Scandiavia and all over the place, it's a great lineup. Check out our Concert Calendar, where all will be revealed.

Kevin Burke Interview

Kevin Burke is an Irish master fiddler considered one of the finest living Irish fiddlers. Read Vancouver journalist's Tony Montague's recent interview with him here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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