The Rogue Folk Club presents

C.R.Avery & Sarah MacDougall





3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

This event has already taken place.


Wrecking Mirror Ball Tour 2013

Two very different artist and  notorious song writers team up for one incredible night. C.R Avery & Sarah MacDougall both are road warriors traveling all over the world, honing the craft of being a troubadour, and singing songs for the people.

Both artists will stand alone on stage casting black magic through lyrics & cast iron melody, then combine their talents at the end of the night for a short set of duets. C.R Avery is described by Tom Waits as "blowin my mind", & Q Magazine has said "Sarah MacDougall could make a stone weep. Classic North American folk.” The same time & skill that is spent building a home with a strong foundation, a murder mystery with a surprising plot twist, a broadway musical with a swooping chorus-line dance routine closer, these two artists bring each & every night. This short tour finds C.R & Sarah traveling cities & towns of British Columbia & the Yukon. If you are lucky enough to live in either one of the two, do not miss this show, "god is alive, magic is afoot." 
- George Honesty, Producer