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The Kathy Kallick Band


The Kathy Kallick Band (USA)








3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

$28 ($24 RFC & PBHS members)

(NO service charges)

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The Kathy Kallick Band is based along the west coast — Kathy (vocals, guitar) and Tom Bekany (mandolin, vocals) are from the San Francisco Bay Area, Annie Staninec (fiddle, vocals) is from Portland, Cary Black (acoustic bass, vocals) from Seattle, and Greg Booth (dobro, banjo, vocals) from Anchorage — but their powerful mixture of original and classic material, mirroring their distinctive combination of traditional and contemporary sensibilities, has great appeal everywhere.

There is a tendency to think of West Coast bluegrass as being softer, jazzier, and somehow “other” than traditional. This can be the case, but there is also a school of bluegrass in Northern California which has, from the beginning, been steeped in Monroe-based tradition — as well as welcoming to women and original songs.

Kathy Kallick has been leading bands in this traditional brand of West Coast bluegrass for many years, and continues to evolve as one of the music’s extraordinary composers and vocalists. Foxhounds is her 20th album, recordings which include nearly 150 of her original songs.

Foxhounds is also the fifth album for the Kathy Kallick Band. Each of their four previous releases has spent a year in the upper echelon of the national bluegrass charts, and their most recent Foxhounds is no exception. The material is compelling and varied, the instrumental playing is dazzling and inventive, the vocals luminous and extraordinary. And they’re truly a band, listening to and sparked by each other, contributing to the songs and the sound as a whole. Just like a KKB show!


Kathy’s infectious smile and music, whether original or song choices, anchor the band. All of them contribute both lead and harmony vocals in different configurations, and each of the band members led at least one song. This is special, for someone so well known as Kathy in the bluegrass world, to share the stage with her bandmates so easily for a seamless and exciting show. The resulting variety with so many instruments and singers to feature kept the show lively." - Lynette Hensley, Victory Review

"Kathy lays down a strong rhythmic foundation with her guitar, and Dan’s bass-playing is as solid as bedrock under a freight train. Tom’s mandolin playing is crisp, innovative and always tasteful. Greg plays traditional, yet creative banjo with a bit of melodic style sprinkled in at the right time, and Annie’s fiddle playing has matured immensely—she can still play wild hot solos, but has now learned to play beautiful fills and haunting solos as well. Kathy does a great job as MC, and the band seems to have a lot of fun playing together.The audience was very enthusiastic, and many extremely positive comments were overheard during the intermission and at the end of what was a great show by Kathy and her band." - Dave Magram, Redwood Bluegrass Associates

"Kathy’s current band continues the west coast tradition of meaningful songs with downhome musicality. Kathy has written several of the songs, and her perceptions and musings are filled with a delightful wistfulness and humor. Whether you live in a holler or a high-rise, you will not find a more balanced and exciting band than this one!" - Brenda Hough, Bluegrass Breakdown