The Rogue Folk Club presents

Gary Comeau's Voodoo All Star Trio





3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

This event has already taken place.


Take the rhythm of the Maritime Acadian music, season well with Louisiana zydeco blues, add a twist of Highway 61 era Dylan, serve it up with great showmanship, and you've got a potent musical cocktail that will have your head spinning and your feet dancing! (Island Folks Festival)

Gary Comeau is a singer-songwriter and musician of unusual diversity and talent. Playing a range of instruments including guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and piano he delivers originally crafted, high energy, New Orleans-style rockin' roots and blues. Although Gary's own roots are French-Acadian - he was born and raised in Nova Scotia - his soul seems to have taken a long and inspiring detour through Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta. And while Gary does not consider himself to be a cajun or zydeco artist per se (it's just the vibe that runs through the tunes I write) he's probably the most southern-sounding player in town. The Georgia Straight states without hesitation that Vancouver's roots-music scene has immensely benefited from Comeau's presence.

The Voodoo Allstars Trio, featuring Gary Comeau, Tim Hearsey & Chris Nordquist - the "swamp kings from the west coast" at their collective primal stripped-down best - will launch their new CD at this gig. Put on your dancing shoes!