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The Acoustic Guitar Project Lights Up The Rogue House!
Wednesday December 2, 2015

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1. The Acoustic Guitar Project, Thursday December 3rd, 8pm, St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue)

We are very excited about this show! Five Vancouver songwriters with varied musical styles and roots sharing songs in the round, and each of them composed a song on a special guitar which was passed from one to the next. Each of them spent a week with that guitar and worked on a new song. Each will perform that new song as well as a few others from their considerable array of compositions. The five songwriters this year are Buckman Coe, Lydia Hol, Wes Mackey, Shari Ulrich, and Itamar Erez.

Buckman Coe has just released a reggae-flavoured, Hawaiian-influenced album called Mama Ka'aina. He last performed on a Rogue stage at Shorefest in 2014. It will be interesting to hear him playing solo acoustic again. Lydia Hol opened for Dar Williams last month and was equally impressive at the Mission Folk Festival in July. She's working on a new CD, which will be launched at The Rogue on January 23rd, and is off to Pender Island this weekend to record some video tracks to accompany the album. Wes Mackey lives and plays the Blues; the real Blues, with a positive vibe. His songs tell his stories of living on the street and of better times too. He put on a superb show at Shorefest in August and we are delighted to bring him inside The Rogue HouseShari Ulrich has graced our stage many times - but it's never enough! She has played here with her own band, with Pied Pumkin, with Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman, and most recently with Connie Kaldor. Itamar Erez recently moved back to Vancouver from Israel. He has been featured in the International Guitar Night series of concerts around North America, and is a brilliant guitarist. I hope you can come along on Thursday for this very special event. 

Here's what Tom Harrison wrote about it in Tuesday's Province:
"Aspiring to stimulate creativity and forge a stronger community spirit, the Acoustic Guitar Project at the very least will produce five new songs locally and 200 globally. At its loftiest, the Acoustic Guitar Project is selfless idealism. At its most basic — its public face — it’s a concert that takes place Dec. 3 at the Rogue Folk Club, a.k.a. St. James Hall. Guitars and cheap recorders were sent to selected songwriters around the world, including five in Vancouver. Each had a week to write and record a song on the acoustic guitar, sign the instrument and pass it along. The five then become part of a celebratory concert where each performs their song as part of their set."
Here is Buckman Coe passing off the shared guitar to Shari Ulrich, and Itamar Erez handing it over to Wes Mackey for The Acoustic Guitar Project! We're looking forward to hearing the new songs they've come up with this Thursday! For tickets and more information click