The Rogue Folk Club presents

Jadea Kelly and Sweet Alibi


Jadea Kelly (Toronto, ON)

Sweet Alibi (MB)





3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

This event has already taken place.



Hailing from what has been described as the music capital of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba’s WCMA award winners Sweet Alibi (Jess Rae Ayre, Amber Rose and Michelle Anderson) have captivated audiences since 2009 with their charming and personal performances. With 3 releases, over 360 shows across Canada, 33 plus festival performances, in numerous radio performances and interviews, Sweet Alibi is fast becoming a well-known Roots/Pop group.

Tom Power of CBC Radio 2 describes Sweet Alibi as this, “If Mumford and Sons and the Supremes had a love child it would be named Sweet Alibi.” A fitting characterization for a group that blends soulful and powerful vocal harmonies with the sincerity of folk and the foot stomping energy of roots. Their new single “Middle Ground” from their 3rd album “Walking In The Dark” was featured on CBC Radio 2’s top 20 for 7 weeks in a row. The album has recently been nominated for a WCMA for “Roots Recording of the Year.”

“Heartfelt lyrics and that intangible quality that often catapults a band into stardom. In 2012 they were nominated for best vocalist at the Canadian Folk Music Awards–future nominations (and wins) seem destined–and recently they were a featured band at the Junos.”- Chaka V., The Winehouse Mag

“Sweet Alibi are quite an amalgam of textured harmonies and diverse sounds on this award-winning latest album. At times traditional, and on occasion sounding like they could be playing on a pop radio station. Both of their albums are available in iTunes, in case you were wondering…” - Calgary Herald

 “It's a trio of women who can just as easily channel Adele as cover Woody Guthrie.” - Amanda Putz, CBC News

“What a wonderful thing to come upon this band after listening to submission after submission of top-40 wannabees! Vocal harmonies that will stop you in your tracks, and solid musicianship from three women who really seem to have their act together.” - Candace, Secret Frequency


“If you can imagine Patsy Cline writing songs with Feist you kind of have an idea of where Jadea Kelly resides within the musical spectrum”- The Pop Stereo USA.

Some of the greatest art is drawn from darkness. So too was Love & Lust - a compelling and honest release from Jadea Kelly this 2016. A powerful new collection of songs, is once again rich with ambient and atmospheric arrangements with lyrics that dig deep, exploring uncharted emotional territory. Her single "Make It Easy" recently spent several weeks on CBC Radio 2's Top 20 chart.

Jadea’s body of work continues to earn her worldwide reviews and radio play, with tours across North America and Europe.  

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