The Rogue Folk Club presents
A Benefit Concert for the St. James Hall

The Acoustic Guitar Project

With Michael Averill, Sadie Campbell, Kristina Lao, Joline Baylis, Tanya Gallagher & Chicken-Like Birds




3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

This event has already taken place.


The Acoustic Guitar Project is a global music platform and concert series that inspires musicians to write an original song and record it live in one week. This project is taking place in over 50 cities around the world. Six artists are chosen to share one acoustic guitar. Each artist has one week to write and record a brand new song with the guitar. They sign it, take their photo with it, and then pass the guitar onto the next artist.

Get Early Bird Tickets in advance for a chance to win some fantastic community door prizes. Contact for $10 student early bird tickets.

The purpose of the project is to inspire creativity by simplifying its process to the bare essentials, to encourage a deeper connection between the artist and their art, and to tell truthful, meaningful stories. It features Michael Averill, Sadie Campbell, Kristina Lao, Joline Baylis, Tanya Gallagher and Chicken-Like Birds. Come and celebrate the end of the project on Thursday November 17th, where you’ll meet the chosen songwriters, hear the new songs, and the stories behind them. This concert showcases a wide range of musicians all using the same instrument – from raggy-time blues, soulful folk, acoustic rock, to heart-warming roots. Experience what one acoustic guitar can create!

Michael Averill: An adventurous Canadian troubadour who delivers stories and songs of serendipity around the country by foot. Through heartfelt Roots, Folk, and Blues, Michael captivates his audiences and invites them to connect deeper within themselves and their communities.  (Michael has recently taken over the role of Vancouver curator of the project from local songbird Lydia Hol.)

Sadie Campbell: From gospel to gritty rock n’ roll to swampy Southern blues and back again, the songstress's sound blends traditional standards with a modern edge, letting loose a creative force that can't be suppressed.

Kristina Lao:  A nerdy, wordy, folk-loving singer-songwriter and actor. Featuring rich Brit-lilt vocals and long, lyrical walks in a poetry park. Adores Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, and a well-steeped cup of tea.

Joline Baylis: Joline Baylis is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter poised to take her music far beyond the city that has shaped her. With a voice reminiscent of Eva Cassidy and Ani Difranco, her original material is fresh, haunting, and deeply personal. - or -

Chicken-Like Birds: A sweet and silly duo, with an acoustic guitar, a double-bass, and a suitcase, Chicken-Like Birds bring their twist on sloppy blues-ragtime-folk. Jasmin and Ari will have your feet stompin', mouths smiling and you might even feel downright decent.

Tanya Gallagher: With her calming voice, an acoustic guitar, and a gift for crafting tender, thoughtful folk lyrics, southern songstress Tanya Gallagher will take you on a journey with her songs of travel, whiskey  and heartache. A last minute addition, Tanya was a participant in the project last year who didn't get to perform then. -or-

About the St. James Hall Restoration Project - The hall is an all-ages venue, a hub for many community activities, and is notable for being one of the only active music venues in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. in 2015, the future of Vancouver's St. James Hall was in jeopardy, as the non-profit community centre that houses the venue went up for sale. Signatures were collected via petition, and the city of Vancouver stepped in to purchase/protect the venue. However, the hall needs repairs to keep it going strong for many years to come (new roof, new floor, ventilation system, accessibility improvements, etc.).  Your attendance will improve the longevity of the hall, and will directly benefit the local arts and activities community!  Invite your friends amd family, and help sustain a Vancouver neighbourhood icon. The City of Vancouver will match the money raised dollar for dollar. If you wish, you can make a secure donation of any amount over $5 (NOT $100 as it says) by clicking on the big blue button at the bottom of the page at For information on donating by phone or post, please contact the St. James Square office at 604-739-9373.