Compadres: James Keelaghan & Oscar Lopez

8pm, SaturdaySeptember 8th '07Vancouver East
Cultural Centre
1895 Venables Street
at Victoria Drive

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James Keelaghan & Oscar Lopez

Oscar Lopez's Latin guitar groove has made him a standout on the world music scene. Never afraid to venture into different genres, Lopez easily incorporates jazz, blues, and even pop sensibilities into his music. For James Keelaghan the inspiration is boundless in the songs he collects or composes himself. Many of his songs are narratives and weave fascinating stories. James' vocals resonate with the passion of those stories. His guitar work is especially intricate and captivating.

It is a wonderful occasion when these two individual soloists and multiple award-winning guitar players and friends team up in their special project, appropriately known as Compadres. They describe their music as 'celtino', a distinctive blend of Celtic and Latino flourishes that together create an entirely new hybrid. The music from Compadres ranges from fiery instrumentals to heavenly harmonies to the highly danceable. Keelaghan and Lopez have been performing off and on as Compadres since 1993. Their first CD together in 1997 was a Juno nominated critics' favourite and the long overdue followup is sure to continue in that tradition.