Tom Russell's Cowboy Train Concert
with Tom Russell, Wylie and the Wild West, Rosalie Sorrels, Stephanie Davis and Sourdough Slim

8pm, SaturdayNovember 4th '06Capilano Performing Arts Theatre2055 Purcell Way
North Vancouver

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Tom Russell

Tom Russell plays host as the amiable raconteur in this wonderfully rollicking event that is fast becoming an annual tradition. Roots on the Rails, North America’s Moving Music Festival, combines long-distance train travel with on-board live performances by some of the top names in contemporary acoustic music. For more information on all the performers at this event, go to

"The greatest living country songwriter is a man named Tom Russell; he’s written songs that capture the essence of America, a trait that can only be matched by the country’s greatest novelists" — John Swenson, Rolling Stone.

"Tom Russell is an original. A brilliant songwriter with a restless curiosity and an almost violent imagination." — Annie Proulx, Pulitzer Prize winning author of "The Shipping News" & "Brokeback Mountain".


Tom’s latest CD, "Love & Fear", is a stark and personal look deep into the heart and soul of this most eloquent of songwriters. His shows are always intense and entertaining. Also, don’t miss this rare chance to hear Rosalie Sorrels’ stories & songs and the yodelling cowboys Wylie & The Wild West!