Don Ross with Jordan O'Connor

8pm, SundayJanuary 31st 2010St. James Hall3214 West 10th Avenue
at Trutch St. in Kitsilano

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Don Ross & Jordan O\'Connor

Don Ross is one of the great guitar innovators of our time. The Canadian guitarist is the only two time champion of the Annual Fingerstyle Guitar championship in Winfield Kansas. He has just recorded a CD consisting solely of songs as opposed to his usual MO of mostly instrumental compositions. Any Colour is the title of the new CD, and it features several new songs and one or two re-makes of earlier favourites like Head & Heart. He will be joined by the brilliant bass player Jordan O'Connor (seen here in the photo from their last appearance at The Rogue in November 2008). Jordan is great fun to watch as well as to hear because he really feels every note and seems almost to sing the notes, squeezing them out of his very soul as he plucks the strings on his five string electro-acoustic bass.

So, expect an evening of music Don calls "Heavy Wood" as Don and Jordan deliver some of the funkiest mind-blowing riffs you've ever heard - laced with a few songs from the new CD.

For more information, and to hear songs from Any Colour and tracks from the new DVD Don made with Michael Manring visit Don's website: