Van Django
Swing Dance / Concert

8pm, FridayJanuary 15th 2010St. James Hall3214 West 10th Avenue
at Trutch St. in Kitsilano

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Van Django

Van Django, Vancouver's amazing gypsy jazz string quartet, tried a new format in November, with Evan Arntzen on clarinet and vocals and Nino Pasquale on drums. It was billed as a Swing Dance. Ticket sales were really slow. Then a woman arrived at the door hoping we could still squeeze her in cos she'd heard the show was sold out. When told there was plenty of room she stepped outside and made a phone call. For the next half hour or so streams of young dancers poured in. They were very good dancers! Some amazing jitterbugging ensued. It was a great night. But it wasn't just the dancing that stood out. The young Mr. Arntzen, grandson of revered Vancouver jazz artist Lloyd Arntzen and nephew of folk singer Holly, really shone. His clarinet playing and especially his singing displayed a remarkable maturity and assurance for one so young. Van Django have always sounded great, and always add some unexpected twists and mind-blowing virtuosity to their music. With drums and clarinet and vocals they have stepped up another notch or two. Get there early this time, maybe it WILL be sold out!

You don't have to dance, or even feel intimidated by those dancers. Just come along and watch, or dance in your own way if the mood takes you. (We think it might. It's so hard to sit still when this band plays!)