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Rogue Folk Club Artistic Director Steve Edge, in the studios of CiTR. Note the Manchester United cap!

Saturday June 16, 2007

#ArtistSong TitleAlbum (label)
1Patrick StreetMusic For A Found HarmoniumIrish Times (Green Linnet)
2Forro For AllBaiaoForro For All (Tumi Records)
3Forro For AllA Voz De RazaoForro For All (Tumi Records)
4Alex CubaAmor InfinitoAgua del Pozo (Caracol)
5Dobet GnahoreMousso TiloNa Afriki (Cumbancha)
6Toumani Diabate's Symmetric OrchestraBoulevard de l'IndependanceBoulevard de l'Independance (World Circuit)
7DonnSadebakeRhythm Was Born (Festival Distribution)
8Andy Palacio & Garifuna CollectiveSin PrecioWatina (Cumbancha)
9Sara MarreirosMinha LuzMinha Luz (Festival Distribution)
10DobaCaracolNakileSoley (Indie, Montreal)
11DobaCaracolBrumeSoley (Indie, Montreal)
12NiyazThe HuntSing Out Vol. 51/#1 (Sing Out!)
13Stefano Saletti & Pikola Banda IkonaNa Poto Makambo EbeleStari Most (CNI- Ludos)
14Sancto IanneNuje Ca Non Stammo Picino A MareMo Siente (Folk Club Ethnosuoni)
15ChoreTirantellaNistanimera (Alfa, Italy)
16Gueule de LoupDouce Dame JolieEn El Camino (Indie, France)
17Les Menestruex de la Branche RougeBranle Double / Branle Simple / Branle DoubleMusique des Cours et des Tavernes (Indie, France)
18KleztoryTaiveles BulgarNomade (Amerix)
19Steve Riley & The Mamou PlayboysUncle BudBoozoo Hoodoo! (Fuel)
20Les Femmes d'EnferJ'ai Vu Le Loup Le Renard & La BalletteFemmes! (Indie, Seattle)
21Bebop CowboysThat's Why I AIn't Been Home In YearsCanadian Dance Hall (Indie, Toronto)
22Eliza CarthyRolling SeaRogues Gallery (ANTI / FAB)
23Uncle EarlBuonaparteWaterloo Tennessee (Rounder)
24Uncle EarlBony On The Isle Of St. HelenaWaterloo Tennessee (Rounder)
Album of the week: Laura Love / NeGrass (Octoroon Records):
25Laura LoveAngry DaysNeGrass (Octoroon)
26Laura LovePassin'NeGrass (Octoroon)
27Laura LoveLoad UpNeGrass (Octoroon)
28The BreakmenWhiskey Hollow BoundWhiskey Hollow Bound (Indie, Vancouver)
29The Mountain BluebirdsI Know You RiderThe Mountain Bluebirds (Indie, Vancouver)
30Viper CentralDevil In The HourglassWhiskey Hollow Bound (Indie, Vancouver)
31DyadLittle Darling GirlWhiskey Hollow Bound (Indie, Vancouver)
32PloughTwo-Banjo MinimumWhiskey Hollow Bound (Indie, Vancouver)
33RedgrassWaitin' / WhiskyWhiskey Hollow Bound (Indie, Vancouver)
34Carolina Chocolate DropsSourwood MountainDona Got A Ramblin' Mind (Music Maker)
35Paul Brock & Enda ScahillMaggie's Lilt / The Bird In The Bush / Rickett's HornpipeHumdinger (Compass)
36Carolina Chocolate DropsRickett's HornpipeDona Got A Ramblin' Mind (Music Maker)
37Chris Stout QuintetBombadansarnaDevil's Advocate (Greentrax)
38Julie FowlisAn t-Aparan Goirid 's An t-Aparn Ur / Oran do Sheasaidh Bhaile RaghnaillCuilidh (Spit & Polish)
39The Finlay MacDonald BandUd The DudukRe Echo (Greentrax)
40Kathryn TickellThe Wedding / Because He WasDebatable Lands (Park)
41Tannahill WeaversGrat For GruelLive & In Session (Compass)
42Nuala KennedyThe Groves Of DonaghmoreThe New Shoes (Compass)
43Boys Of The LoughThe Darling BabyLive At Passim (Philo)
44Boys Of The LoughThe Nine Points Of RogueryLive At Passim (Philo)
45GradaThe Eighteenth Of JuneCloudy Day Navigation (Compass)
46BeogaPlease Don't TalkMischief (Compass)
47BodegaWagon WheelBodega (Greentrax)
48OllabelleReach For LoveRiverside Battle Songs (Verve Forecast)
49DobaCaracolPris De VertigeSoley (Indie, Montreal)
50MihirangiDeeperKulcha Nation (Indie, New Zealand)
51OysterbandBury Me StandingMeet You There (True North)
52Viper CentralShotgun Wedding Whiskey Hollow Bound (Indie, Vancouver)