The Rogue Folk Club presents

The Arrogant Worms





3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

This event has already taken place.


The Arrogant Worms began their journey to musical comedy success (oxymoron) in 1991 in Kingston, Ontario on campus radio. They have since sold 230,000 albums and a DVD of their performance with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (televised nationally). The Worms have become part of Canadiana – their songs are used in lesson plans across the country and one has even made it into an English textbook. The youth of Canada have voted them the most popular band on a national radio show – the band that came in second was AC/DC. However, it’s their live show that keeps people coming back for more as The Worms provide tuneful and silly escapism all over North America, Australia, and the UK in venues of all shapes and sizes – from small theatres to arenas to Disney to Central Park to The Grand Canyon. The Worms entertain at corporate events, sing anthems at sporting events and emcee at major festivals. No matter where they are, they are having fun… and the audience is too.

The Arrogant Worms are:

Chris Patterson - sings and plays the bass. Oh, and dances. He was turned down for "Dancing With The Stars" because he was in that grey area between dancer and star. His case is currently under appeal and he can't really talk about it. 

Trevor Strong - sings and plays instruments when he remembers to bring them. He wrote a book called Get Stupid. There are a lot of charts and graphs in the book. Trevor was born and raised.

Mike McCormick - sings and plays the guitar. He has two degrees but he can't find them anywhere. He lives in a log house with a new deck and is approximately four years behind with hip slogans. "Don’t go there". Was crowned 'Mr. Elective Surgery 2005'.