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Friday December 31, 2021

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Calling All Rogues!! Please help us make 2022 a Happy New Year of Music. We need your help, your patience, and your ears! The rewards? Great music to enrich and energize and encourage in these unpredictable times

1. Please make a last minute donation to help The Rogue - and get a tax receipt

We have spent a considerable amount of money this Fall upgrading our lighting system as well as running a concert series at a loss as we strove to bring back the live music experience to you, or loyal supporters - and to offer a streaming alternative to the folks who couldn't make it to the shows or who didn't feel safe going out into a small crowd at an indoor concert.

I have to admit that had it not been for the federal government's CEWS and CERB programs we would have been unable to keep going at all. With additional generous support from Canadian Heritage and BC Gaming we hung in there and our Rogue Reload series has been a wonderful artistic success. 

After the first couple of shows in September it became obvious that we needed to upgrade our stage lights. We happened upon an exceptional deal for new lights at a considerable discount, but we couldn't really afford them in all honesty. We just had to bite that bullet, and, thanks to the sterling efforts of Rob Nelson - our sound engineer par excellence, who has pitched in so often way above and beyond the call of duty - we have those fabulous new lights in place. 

Now we need two things: a lighting designer, and, above all, a way to cover the costs of those lights!

Step forward our hosts at The Square at St. James! If you wish to make a donation to them we would really appreciate it! Also, since The Square IS a Registered Charity while Rogue is not, you will receive a tax receipt for any donations above $20. 

But you will need to act now, or at least before midnight NY Eve, to get your tax receipts in time for your 2021 tax return. Please visit their website to make your charitable donation today. Just click on the blue Donate button at the bottom left of their Support web page and follow the instructions. One last step: please send an email to to indicate that you would like your contribution to go towards The Rogue Folk Club and the new lighting system.

Thanks a million! Happy New Year!!!

P.S. St. James needs to replace their furnaces asap, so if you would prefer to support that urgent need, then just send them a donation without mentioning the lights.

2. Future Concerts

Once again we are faced with a 50% restriction on ticket sales for live events, and we may not even be able to manage that in the current state of affairs. Who knows? It is a very worrying time for us all, but we will endeavour to being you great music in 2022, even if it's only via a live stream. 

We have a couple of shows lined up in January so far: Jim Byrnes on the 14th and The Small Glories on the 28th - but these remain somewhat tentative. However we were optimistic enough to have added them to our website! Fingers crossed!!

3. Radio Waves

On this weekend's edition of The Saturday Edge On Folk (every Saturday from 8am to noon on I will have Part One of my Best of 2021, as well as a few songs for the New Year.

I hope you will join me for this very special radio show as we encounter whatever mysteries 2022 has in store for us. Life may not be looking too rosy right now, in fact it looks distinctly white with very dark undertones around these parts - but some of the music released this past 12 months has been absolutely amazing! Part Two of my Best of 2021 will air next week.

You can also tune in to Radio Rogue 24/7/365 for a choice selection of folk and roots music released over the past decade or two - once again, hand-picked by yours truly!