April in Paris: 3rd Annual Django Festival

5pm/6pm, SaturdayApril 25th '09St. James Hall3214 West 10th Avenue
at Trutch St. in Kitsilano

This concert has already taken place. Give us your impressions of the show in our guestbook.


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Michael Gray - Violin/Fiddle Masterclass Workshop

For all violinists and fiddlers who want a little insight on improvising, this workshop will focus on how to get around on a gypsy jazz tune or jazz standard. The fiddle styles of Stephane Grappelli, Titi Winterstein, Regina Carter and others will be used to convey playing ideas and violin tips such as tone production, how to solo over an easy blues and/or a gypsy jazz standard like "Minor Swing", improvising a melodic line, and what to do when you get lost (and how not to get lost!)

The general approach will be to help players to use their own particular strengths in learning how to creatively solo and improvise, and ultimately, lay the groundwork for nurturing your own style of playing. All levels are welcome; the ability to read chord charts would be helpful. And, most importantly, performers of all styles of fiddling and violin playing are welcome. It's amazing how much traditional styles, both folk and classical, influence the ability to perform a solo of any style on the instrument.

The instructor for the workshop will be Michael Gray, violinist of the band, Pearl Django. Michael has been an adjunct professor of Music at Cornish College of the Arts, and has taught at the University of Washington (Music 464a). Michael has performed, recorded and taught extensively throughout the Puget Sound region.



Swing Dance Basics (to be confirmed)

Led by Toby and his wife - who did such a fine job last year. Free!! Come early for the show and you'll be ready to dance to Van Django and Pearl Django, and then you'll want to come back for more on Sunday. This workshop is free!