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Jocelyn Pettit launches 2 new CDs! Big session at Granville Island
Tuesday July 19, 2022

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1. Jocelyn Pettit Dual CD Launch, Tuesday July 19th at Mel Lehan Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue) at 8pm

Tickets are going fast for this show. Don't delay. We stop selling advance tickets real soon. A few tickets will be on sale at the door. Doors open at 7pm. 

2. Free Celtic Music on Railspur Alley, Granville Island, Wednesday July 20th from 5pm



3. Live Music v. Watching At Home - while Covid still lurks out there.

In May we celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Rogue Folk Club! The concert with Diyet & The Love Soldiers was wonderful, but very few came along to see the show, and only 7 watched online. Your response to my last appeal was amazing! Our next show with Jim Byrnes (Order of Canada!) was sold out and over 60 people watched online. However, the web stream audience for the next sold out shows with The Small Glories and Paul Jones & Dave Kelly was very disappointing.

The streaming service costs us around $500 per show. We need at least 50 people to watch online just to break even. The average viewing audience has been less than 20 so far this year. Down from just over 30 for the Rogue Reloaded shows last Fall. We simply cannot afford to keep doing this without your support. 

The web stream idea came about during the darkest days of the pandemic, when we decided to offer an alternative to watching the shows inside the hall with a whole bunch of other folk. Even though the vast majority are vaccinated, covid is still out there, and people are still being infected - some for a second time. So we continue to present our shows in the safest manner we can possibly arrange. We still recommend the wearing of masks at all times - especially when moving around the hall to get to the bar, the merchandise table, or the washrooms. 

Music is an essential part of life. We truly believe this. We want as many folk as possible to sample the unique Rogue experience. But above all, we want everyone to be safe - and considerate of others. So, if you can't make it to a show in the hall, please support the musicians and The Rogue by watching online. Not all venues are providing this extra service, and most that do are charge way more than $10. Upwards of $25, in fact. Hubcast Media are mixing four cameras and providing exemplary sound. We receive compliments from all over the world for their brilliant service. We just wish that more people would watch ....